The experts of ultra-precision njection molding which achives VE by offering alternatives to super-engineering plastics

Coaxiality 5μm
POM molds using super-precision bearings
Nichiei employs an integrated system which handles the production of prototypes of highly functional precision parts which uses engineering plastics and super-engineering plastics (e.g. PEEK, PAI, and PI) to the mass production of molds and precision injection molds.
We are able to achieve weight reduction and cost reduction in addition to higher functionality, such as slidability, and heat and wear resistance.

Nichiei's Processing Technology

Ultra-Precision Molding Technology

  • Bearing molds
  • Gear molds
  • Thin-wall molds
  • Molds for high-performance parts
Mold Design and Manufacture

We can offer cost reductions by providing stable injection molds of ultra-precision parts.

Prototype Development

We can offer prototypes for new developments with a molding method suitable for mass production.

Examples of Processed Products

Gears, bearings, abrasion-resistant parts,heat-resistant parts, slidable parts,mechanical jig parts

Materials Used in Molds

thermoplastic resin,general-purpose engineering plastics,
super-engineering plastics,etc.